Any changes or updates to these ‘Terms of Use’ of the Find Cards and/or Find Booklets can be found here.


The barter trade, sale, purchase, or transfer of the Find Cards, by any person or entity, including but not limited to businesses placing offers in the Find Community Papers, printers, publishers, and distributors of the Find Card, is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorised by Find Pty. Ltd.  Find reserves the right to make changes to the participants and their Offers at its sole discretion. Members will be notified of these changes via email or via the Site.

The Find Coupon offers are intended for the non-profit use (and similar organisations) of the individual purchaser of the Find Cards.  Additionally, the use of the Find Cards or any of the Offers placed in our Find Community Papers, for advertising purposes, in any form of fashion, is strictly prohibited.  Any use of a Offers in violation of these Rules will render the Offer VOID, and violators will be prosecuted.  Offers may not be reproduced and are void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law.  Find, will not be responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept the Find Cards / Offers with in the Find Community Papers: we will however, use our best efforts to secure compliance, Find, will not be responsible in the event of Acts of God, fire, casualties, strike or other events beyond its control. © 2014-21021 Find.

Valid Periods

Find Restaurant, Find Cafe & Find Coffee offers can be used at participating businesses any time except the following days: * Christmas Eve * Christmas Day * Boxing Day * New Year’s Eve * New Year’s Day * Valentine’s Day * Good Friday * Easter Sunday * Mother’s Day.  Some Restaurants/Cafes/Coffee Establishments will have additional terms and conditions specific to their individual businesses (refer to any specific terms and conditions on the page where the business is advertising their Offer).

Find Entertainment Offers offers can be used at participating businesses any time unless stated otherwise in the Find Community Paper.  Some Entertainment businesses will not accept offers during school holidays (refer to any specific terms and conditions on the page where the business is advertising their Offer).

Present Find Card

You are required to present your Find Card at any participating businesses if you wish to secure the discount or goods/service being Offered.

Customer Number & Signature

If you do not have the correct Customer Number (CN) and/or the signature on the Find Card does not match the signature on your licence or another card with your photo on it, then the business has the right to not provide you with the discount.  It is at the businesses discretion as to whether or not they allow the discount to apply if the CN or Signature is incorrect.